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Happy Music on The American Sound, 6pm Saturday

We all know that music affects our moods. Beethoven energizes us and Mozart's music makes us hold our heads a little higher, while if you need to de-stress, the gentle, wafting music of Delius does the trick. One of the American composer David Diamond's most popular works, Rounds for String Orchestra, found its niche early in life as happy music - at least for the conductor who commissioned it. Dmitri Mitropoulos was suffering from a depression around the time he asked Diamond for a new work. Mitropoulos opined to Diamond that the very dissonant atonal music he was conducting at the time was making his mood worse. He asked Diamond to write a piece that would make him happy. Diamond's Rounds for String Orchestra must have made other folks happy, too: it remains in the repertory as a twentieth-century masterwork. Defeat the winter doldrums and join me for The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday, for Diamond's Rounds for String Orchestra. We'll also hear Roy Harris' unique blend of Beethoven, Vaughan Williams and the American West in his Folksong Symphony. And we'll start it all off with a few laughs and music by the effervescent Leroy Anderson. It's happy music on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday on Classical 101!