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Majestic Mountains on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday

Nothing inspires awe quite like mountains. Their beauty in all seasons, their size and their weighted permanence make us feel at once insignificant and fleeting, and also alive with the vibrancy of the natural world. Mountains have enlightened some of the great spiritual thinkers through the ages. Mountain tops have long been the proverbial seats of wisdom for philosophers and poets. And scarcely an outdoorsman or -woman can honestly claim not to have heard the siren call of Everest, McKinley or Kilimanjaro. The Kentucky Appalachians are in my blood, and while I can't say I've ever had a yen to do heavy-duty mountain climbing, I simply cannot resist the lure of the mountains, wherever they may be. I remember flying over the Alps from Rome to Amsterdam one clear January day. Down below, it was a wrinkled sheet of snow-capped peaks, and then suddenly a single summit much, much taller than everything else around it, reaching like a cathedral spire straight to the heavens. It was the majestic Matterhorn, and it was breathtaking. Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound, we'll hear great American music inspired by mountains. Charles Denler's Rocky Mountain Odyssey and Lyndol Mitchell's Kentucky Mountain Portraits will show us the views of some of America's most revered mountains. We'll contemplate the universe with Alan Hovanhess' Mysterious Mountain. And we'll turn a mountain into our playground with Carter Pann's Slalom. I hope you'll join me for a program of mountain music on The American Sound, 6 pm Saturday on Classical 101.