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Busiest North American Orchestras Featured on Symphony @ 7

For the next two weeks on Symphony @ 7 on Classical 101, we'll be presenting performances from the top ten busiest orchestras in North America during 2013.  The ranking was made by Bachtrack, a London based website that promotes live concert attendance, and the statistics used are based on events they list on their site. So, while is may not be absolutely comprehensive, it is based on an extensive database of classical music performances. Rated as 10th busiest was the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, number 9--the Cleveland Orchestra,  number 8--Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra (from Toronto, Canada), number 7--Los Angeles Philharmonic, number 6--San Diego Symphony, number 5--Boston Symphony Orchestra, number 4-- Philadelphia Orchestra, number 3--Chicago Symphony Orchestra, number 2-- New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and number 1-- the San Fransisco Symphony. Some of the numbers may seem a little surprising, but the top three all had over 100 events listed last year: San Fransisco--146, New York--141, and Chicago--128.  Philadelphia came in at around 100 and Boston, just a little less.  San Diego, the 6th busiest, was a surprise.  There must be more going on in the arts there than I realized, but all the rest had respectable numbers too, considering the fears some people have about dwindling concert attendance. Join me for the next two weeks on Symphony @ 7 as we feature these ensembles with some of their outstanding recordings on Classical 101.  Tonight, we begin with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Paavo Jarvi with the Symphonie fantastique by hector Berlioz. Above is a short news story about Paavo Jarvi's final concert after ten years leading the Cincinnati Symphony.