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Janine Jansen: Exploited - Or Driven?

Dutch violinist Janine Jansen began violin studies at 6-years-old.  Now 35, she has ascended to the ranks of the worlds finest violinists.  Some have asked if she is there by choice, or has been pushed (some use the word exploited) by those around her. There has been a film made to attempt to answer that question - and the answer would seem to be, "No." Jansen grew up in a musical family and regularly performs with her harpsichordist father Jan and her cellist brother Maarten, most recently on her new J.S. Bach recording.  According to comments made in the film, Jansen was "handpicked to be a superstar."  In spite of what might appear to be exploitation, however, she says she is a very willing participant, wanting "only to give." The above clip gives a small insight into Janine Jansen's musical life.  I look forward to seeing the entire film. You can watch a short interview at the 2013 Verbier Festival here. Below Janine teams with Leonid Kavakos in the J.S. Bach Double Concerto. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzVMoUFi6bA