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Luxury Hotel Adds Live Violin Playing to Massage Spa Treatment

We all love massage therapy, do we not? We do. But if you've had enough of the global pop-inspired music that is the soundtrack for so many massages, then there's good news for you. At the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland, you can now order a side of live violin playing to go with your therapeutic massage, according to The Daily Traveler. With the hotel's Violin Touch treatment, a massage therapist and a violinist let their fingers do the walking - on your sore, tight muscles, and in one of two relaxing musical works, respectively. But if you want to stay relaxed on your way out, don't ask the price for the 45-minute session (spoiler alert: $230). Read more: Wacky New Spa Treatment Alert: A Live Violin During Your Massage (The Daily Traveler)