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A Festival of Carols for Guitar on Next Fretworks

This Saturday evening, Fretworks will present a feast of Christmas music for the guitar.  From solo pieces to four guitars with orchestra, it will be an hour of heart-warming music for the Winter Solstice. We'll hear from Giovanni De Chiaro for a Festival of Carols, Angel Romero will have a bit of Winter from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, and Los Romeros will perform the X,mas Suite by Massimo Paris with the Concerto Malaga. Christopher Parkening will play beautiful Bach with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and he'll be joined by soprano Kathleen Battle for the famous Ave Maria, with Charles Gounod's melody set over Bach's Prelude No.1 in C from The Well-Tempered Clavier. Guitarist Brandon Yip will play a couple of selections to round out the hour on our next Fretworks broadcast Saturday at 7 pm here on Classical 101.