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JOY! With the Columbus Gay Men's Chorus

You can TiVO the playoffs. The Columbus Gay Men's Chorus presents their annual holiday concerts, JOY! this weekend at King Avenue United Methodist Church. Our own Eric French will be there to record these performances. Eric produced CGMC's new CD, also called, yes-Joy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zpo0bAPWTAk The release includes a rousing Guadete, which transitions from the austere beauty of 14th century chant to a wild ride into the 21st century Joy to the World and carols and anthems you will already know and some you will regret not having heard before now (Check out track 3--I'll say no more) The Columbus Gay Men's Chorus is conducted by Timothy Sarsany, a colleague and all around good guy-and superb musician. The Gay Choral movement began in the early 80s as a response to the AIDS crisis. More and more people needed some kind of consolation, and making music together was the perfect solution. The joy in singing has outlasted (one hopes)  the worst of the AIDS epidemic in the United States. I lost many dear people. So did you. Give their memories joy-with the Columbus Gay Men's Chorus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU2AuINHhhI