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NYC Street Orchestra Invites Random Passersby to 'Conduct Us'

Above: Random New Yorkers conduct an orchestra on the city streets. If "conduct an orchestra" is on your bucket list, then good news: you might just get your chance. Earlier this fall, an orchestra set up shop on the streets of New York City. A music stand on the conductor's podium held a sign reading, "Conduct Us." And so they did. People of all ages, shapes and sizes stepped up to the podium for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of leading a group of professionally trained musicians in the overture to Mozart's comic opera The Marriage of Figaro. The project was one of several hundred such "missions" of the self-described "New York City-based prank collective" ImprovEverywhere. Notable moments in the video above include the grand finale at 1:15, the sole standing violist at 1:20 and the performance by one of New York's Finest at 2:34. So, central Ohio, if you happened on a street orchestra of your own, would you conduct it?