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Return to Camelot: Music in the Kennedy White House

If you are old enough to remember the assassination of John F. Kennedy, you most likely know where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news. While those three days in Dallas still reverberate with many today, a series on Classical 101 will look at the artistic and cultural legacy of the Kennedy years beginning tonight at 8:00 pm. Through archival audio, recordings made in the East Room of the White House, and conversations with two musicians who performed for the Kennedys, pianist Earl Wild and singer Clara O'Dette, you'll hopefully have a better sense of what the country lost in terms of our focus on Arts and Culture with the death of President Kennedy. The New York Times recently revisited the Zapruder film and it's impact, not just on the investigation into (and ongoing arguments about) the assassination, but how it changed our culture. I hope you'll tune in tonight through Thursday night at 8:00 pm for Return to Camelot: Music in the Kennedy White House, on Classical 101. Read Footage of Death Plays On in Memory (NY Times)