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Mandolin Concerto by Hummel on Fretworks Saturday Evening

A mandolin concerto from the end of the 18th century will be featured on the next Fretworks program Saturday evening at 7 here on Classical 101.  We'll hear David Russell from his CD of Latin-American music for guitar.  Also, there's a guitar trio by Filippo Gragnani and a duo by Fernando Sor. The centerpiece of the show is the Mandolin Concerto from 1799 by Johann Nepomuk Hummel, a composer best-known today for his popular Trumpet Concerto in E.  Hummel had studied with Haydn and was friendly with Schubert,  Beethoven and Chopin.  He was a highly regarded piano soloist as well.  Hummel wrote the Mandolin Concerto for Bartholomeo Bortolazzi, a celebrated virtuoso that helped give the mandolin a relatively high public profile at the time. Russell will play the Guitar Sonatina of Argentinian-American guitarist and composer Jorge Morel, who is now based in New York City.  Members of the Linares Guitar Quartet will have the Guitar Trio in D of Filippo Granani (1768-1820), who first studied violin and then became known as a virtuoso performer on the guitar.  Finally, two of the Romeros, Pepe and Celino, will play L'encouragement by Fernando Sor.  They need no encouragement to trade brilliant passages back and forth in this early 19th century showpiece. Join me Saturday evening at 7 for an hour of music showcasing the classical guitar and sometimes the mandolin, on Fretworks.