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The Art of Inspiration Saturday, 6 pm, on The American Sound

Anything can inspire a piece of music - nature, children's laughter, the noise of a city street, even other works of art. The American composer Charles Ives drew inspiration from all aspects of musical life in his native Connecticut, from Congregational church hymns to the music of country festivals. Ives' Country Band March  is his musical portrait - or, as music writer Alex Ross has called it, his "loving satire" - of the amateur town bands that graced parades and performed summer concerts at the bandstands of Ives' New England. Ives claimed to appreciate the spirit and the technical imperfections, the occasional wrong or cracked note only adding a certain character to the performances. Saturday at 6 pm The American Sound showcases American musical works inspired by other works of art. In addition to the music-inspired music of Ives' Country Band March, we'll hear a work by Victoria Bonds that joins poetry, music and dance. We'll listen to Dan Locklair's Symphony of Seasons,  inspired by Mother Nature and the art of poetry. Plus, we'll visualize one of Michael Torke's vivid works inspired by the wold of brilliant color. Join me Saturday at 6 pm for the Art of Inspiration on The American Sound on Classical 101!