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Pumpkin Music Saturday at 6pm on The American Sound

It's an undersung vegetable. Eleven months of the year, the pumpkin languishes in relative obscurity. But come October, it's all about Jack o' lanterns, roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie. And believe it or not, the humble pumpkin has even inspired music. Saturday at 6pm on The American Sound, join me for Robert McBride's Pumpkin Eaters' Little Fugue, a piece that, just like the dollop of whipped cream on a solid slice of pumpkin pie, lightens up the serious fugue genre. Also on Saturday evening's program John Williams' American Journey, chamber music by Quincy Porter and music of the irrepressible Leroy Anderson. Don't miss music for pumpkin season on The American Sound, Saturday at 6pm on Classical 101!