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Guitar Concerto by Lalo Schifrin on Fretworks

The next Fretworks at 7pm this Saturday on Classical 101 will feature a 20th century guitar concerto, early 18th century music for the Baroque guitar, some Scarlatti, more music from Agustin Barrios, and a bit of Copland for guitar quartet. The fine young guitarist Milos Karadaglic will be heard again this week in music from Paraguayan composer-guitarist  Agustin Barrios, and Stephen Marchionda will play a keyboard sonata of Domenico Scarlatti arranged for guitar. Jerry Willard, a guitarist from Cleveland who has played with the Cleveland Orchestra and the now defunct New York City Opera, will play music of Santiago de Murcia on a five-course Baroque guitar.  The instrument he plays on the recording is a copy of a guitar made in 1590 and is similar in appearance to the one in the Vermeer painting. Lalo Schifrin was born in Buenos Aires in 1932 to Jewish parents and absorbed a lot of feeling for the music of Latin America.  He became best-known for his many musical scores for television and films, that include the theme from the TV series "Mission Impossible" and the "Dirty Harry" films with Clint Eastwood.  Schifrin's Guitar Concerto is from 1985. We'll round out the hour Saturday evening with the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and some music by Aaron Copland from the ballet Rodeo arranged for four guitars. http://youtu.be/fRwEwm3tKu4