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Classical 101

Cavatina by Stanley Myers on Fretworks

Join us Saturday evening at 7 p.m. for music of the classical guitar on Fretworks on Classical 101, with music ranging from Antonio Vivaldi and Nicolo Paganini, to Astor Piazzolla, Alexander Tansman and Stanley Myers. John Williams achieved a level of commercial success beyond what is usually found among classical guitarists when his performance of the lovely Cavatina by Myers was used in the soundtrack for the 1978 film The Deer Hunter.  Myers wrote the piece in 1970, and Williams had already recorded it before the film made it famous.  In fact. it was first used in another film, The Walking Stick, from 1970. Considered an outstanding young guitarist, Marcin Dylla was the First Prize Winner in the 2007 Guitar Foundation of America Competition.  We'll have his recording of the Variations on a Theme of Scriabin by Tansman.  Another prize-winning artist, the Russian Viruoso Vladimir Gorbach will play The Four Seasons by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla. That reminds me, we'll also have a guitar concerto by Vivaldi with Sharon Isbin.  It was actually written for the lute, but classical guitarists have made  arrangements of Vivaldi concertos part of their repertoire for quite some time now, and they sound pretty good, too. We also have music for violin and guitar from the Sonata Concertata by Nicolo Paganini, who was an accomplished guitarist as well as possibly the greatest violinist who ever lived.  He loved playing the guitar, but not in public, and left quite a lot of music for the instrument.  We'll hear David Kim and Julian Grey play the first movement. Above, watch John Williams playing the Cavatina by Stanley Myers in 1979.