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Classical 101

Flappers and Fiddles on The American Sound Saturday at 6 pm

They were the bad girls of your grandmother's generation. They bobbed their hair (gasp!), drank, smoked and - worst of all - listened to jazz (horrors!). People called them flappers, either because they were so young that their braids flapped in the breeze, or (and, let's face it, more likely) in keeping with the English word "flap," which since at least the 1600's meant "prostitute." Saturday on The American Sound we bob our heads (pun intended) to those bad girls of the roaring '20's with Piqua, Ohio, native Harry Reser's banjo classic Flapperette. To go along with all that pickin' we'll have some violin music from Mark O'Connor's Fanfare for the Volunteer. And in case the Charleston isn't the dance for you, we'll have a Samba, a Tango, a Square Dance and some good, old fashioned Tin Pan Alley with Paul Schoenfield's Four Souvenirs. Hope you can join me Saturday at 6 pm for The American Sound on Classical 101!