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Classical 101

How Can You Find the 'Best' Recordings?

Reviews, whether of live performances or recordings, are quite subjective.  You attend a concert.  Next morning, you read the review and whether you loved or hated it, your reaction might be, "Was that reviewer even at the same concert?" However, what if you had 10 reviewers?  Or a 100?  Or a 1,000?  That is what happens at Amazon.com, not in every section, but certainly for many of the classical recordings available through the online sales giant. While some of those were written by professional reviewers, there is a huge number of music lovers which regularly offer their opinions on everything from Boulez and Schoenberg to Glass and Gottschalk. According to writer John Fram, not only does everyone have an opinion, they apparently are willing to discuss those opinions sometimes for years.  Fram states that,

"There are arguments in the comments sections of (Amazon.com) reviews for Georg Solti’s Ring Cycle on Decca that literally span years."

So whether you're shopping for a new recording, or just love to debate the merits of one over the other, there's a lot of thought-provoking entertainment to be found in the music section of Amazon.com.  Go ahead and tell them what you think! Read more: The Cult of Amazon (Pacific Standard)