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The OSU Men's Glee Club Sunday On Musica Sacra

Jim Gallagher and I shared a plate of barbecue at a recent outdoor soiree. Jim is professor emeritus of music and was the long time director of choral activities at Ohio State University School of Music. Our visit made me realize I don't feature the OSU Men's Glee Club nearly enough on air. That'll change on this Sunday's Musica Sacra at 8 p.m. on Classical 101. We'll have a mini-concert, about 15 minutes of music by Biebl, Petoni, Richard Strauss and The Southern Cross, arranged by one of my BFFs, Tim Sarsany. The glee club is led today by the terrific Bob Ward, or Dr. Robert Ward, director of choral activities as he is properly known. I've made good use of his several splendid recordings with the ensemble. A 2008 holiday recording is one of those "I never get tired of this" choices. The guys sing lustily and with good heart and excellent intonation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIqYc4ZyOWE   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SBbzyRsZQU The OSU Men's Glee Club was my introduction to Columbus. In the fall of 1991 there was an all Brahms concert in Mershon Auditorium conducted by Robert Shaw. The late wonderful Michael Davis played the violin concerto. Eileen Davis sang one of my favorites, the Alto Rhapsody with the splendid glee club arrayed behind her. That's when I thought, hmmm...this is a great town. I could live here.