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Pianist Jacqueline du Pr?

Jacqueline du Pré was recognized as one of the world's leading cellists before her career, and life, were cut terribly short.   What if du Pré, whose career was shortened by multiple sclerosis and passed away in 1987 at the 42-years-old, had decided she preferred another instrument?  Would we still know her name? Du Pré began her cello studies at the age of five, so her path was set quite early.  However, we have seen athletes who could have excelled in multiple sports, such as Bo Jackson.  What would have happened if du Pré had followed in her mother Iris du Pré's footsteps and become a pianist? In the short video below, Jacqueline du Pré demonstrates her talents at the keyboard, playing for none other than pianist/conductor and husband Daniel Barenboim.  In the above video, as well as here, you can find out more about du Pré's life in the words of the cellist, her family and friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmhM3D95YPk