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Classical 101

Copland for Guitar and Gershwin on Mandolins on Fretworks

Saturday evening at 7 on Classical 101, Fretworks will feature several American music selections for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.  The Modern Mandolin Quartet will have some George Gershwin for you, the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet will play a bit of Aaron Copland, and we'll hear a few of the Mountain Songs for Flute and Guitar by Robert Beaser. Also on the program, we'll have an 18 Century guitar concerto (originally for lute) by Johann Friedrich Fasch, and  Pepe Romero will play Francisco Tarrega's fantasy on themes from an opera by Juan Emillio Arrieta. Join us Saturday evening for music of the classical guitar, and occasionally a few other instruments as well.  Above is Pepe Romero playing a bit of Gaspar Sanz.