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Next Generation Of Performing Artists Struggle To Find Work

PBS NewsHour shares a report that a new generation of performing artists are facing an uphill battle in trying to find a job. Recent college graduates are facing a 45 percent unemployment rate, according to a new report cited by NewsHour. Those especially hit hard by the still tough economy are classically trained musicians and other fine artists. In the piece, Diane Wittry, conductor of the Allentown Symphony shares the for any orchestral opening in the United States there might be 300 applicants. In Allentown, Wittry shares her performers might make $6,000 or $7,000. For dancers, the competition is just as stiff. NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman reportes there is less competition for male dancers. However when Gallim Dance Company, a small and upcoming modern dance troupe based in Brooklyn, recently advertised an opening for a female dancer, they had 700 applicants. Watch the Solman's report above or read it on NewHour's website.

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