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Riccardo Muti Shoots...Scores With Chicago Blackhawks Goal Song

I bow to none in my admiration for Riccardo Muti's music making. But long-time music director of the Chicago Symphony always cultivated that Milanese menefreghista attitude off stage. Go look it up. You might have heard the joke. Muti is lost in the desert. He wanders for days, exhausted and dying of thirst. Finally he comes to water. Gratefully he gets down and scoops the water, by passing his parched lips, to slick down his hair. Muti, however, is no fool. The most recent example is a salute to the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks who are currently in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins. The Chicago Symphony released a video last week of the orchestra playing a classical version of the Chelsea Dagger goal song. In case you are not familiar with Chelsea Dagger, it is a song released by the Scottish rock band The Fratellis in 2006. It became a favorite anthem for European soccer clubs to play following a goal, and it became a sensation for the Blackhawks during their last trip to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2010. The song is considered one of the top goal celebration songs in the NHL. IF you're wondering, the Columbus Blue Jackets play AC/DC's For Those About to Rock, fire their replica Civil War cannon and then play the hook of Locksley's The Whip. For his salute to the Blackhawks, during a rehearsal last week, Muti dawned a red personalized Chicago sweater and led the orchestra in their rendition of Chelsea Dagger. You go, Maestro!