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Boston and Patriot's Day

I grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. April 19, now the Monday nearest to that date, is a very big deal in Lexington. The American Revolution began in my home town on April 19, 1775. Two hundred years later, the date meant a day off from school, a state holiday, parades, pancake breakfasts and the reenactment on the Battle Green, a few times with yours truly chubby in a tri-corn hat. Patriot's Day is not well-known outside of New England. Unfortunately in the last 20 years, April 19 has been desecrated by the Oklahoma City bombings, the Branch Davidian siege near Waco, Texas and the shootings at Virgina Tech. And now this, the bombing of Boston's iconic event, a day reserved for joy and celebration. This is for my city. It is still the most beautiful place I know. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaTTm2F57pc