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Who's the next Peter Schickele?

Peter Schickele, whom most of us know better in the rumpled persona of P.D.Q. Bach, has been focusing on his "serious music" of late.  I put that in quotes because, quite frankly, it can be very hard to think of the affable Mr. Schickele as anything remotely approaching serious.   Who can take seriously the man whose best-known creation was the 21st of Johann Sebastian Bach's 20 children?  Whose tombstone says he was born in 1807 and died in 1742?  Whose compositional life is broken into three periods, the Initial Plunge, the Soused Period, and Contrition? Though Peter Schickele has recently been doing a bit of touring as P.D.Q. Bach, someone is going to need to step into his somewhat ratty, worn shoes when he decides to hang up his tromboon. With that in mind, The Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is hosting a contest for lies. Seems a fitting tribute to Professor Schickele, does it not? The term Mountweazel refers to deliberately incorrect entries in reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc., designed to thwart plagiarism and copyright infringement. This contest is designed to find writers who can concoct stories which seem plausible, but are nothing more than the product of your futile, err, fertile minds — a Mountweazel.   So sharpen your pencils, have a glass of wine, which surely improves your prose, and let your imagination run wild! Read more: A Contest for Fake Musicians (New Music Box) Watch PDQ Bach/Jekyl and Hyde Tour/Making of a live concert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGM3IR1tBGs