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Minnesota State Rep wants to reallocate orch funds to musicians

You're most likely familiar with the ongoing labor dispute in Minnesota between orchestra management and the musicians of both the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra.  Scheduled concerts continue to be cancelled with no end to the conflict in sight. Minnesota musicians have been organizing their own performances independent of management.  Now, the chair of the Minnesota House Legacy Committee wants to reallocate funds currently designated for the orchestras to go directly to the musicians. "We have had this set of concerts that are going on," State Rep. Phyllis Kahn said. "Is there some structure we can set up that can continue that with the money that we would just funnel to the groups?"  Musicians, meanwhile, are not only playing, but taking their grievances directly to the public on their own website. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the video above is one of the recent performances put together by the musicians. Read more: House Legacy Committee head suggests reallocation to fund locked-out musicans (MPR) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxUWXuBqkSc