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Classical 101

What iTunes thinks you should have in your music collection

Everyone has their own list of must-have music.  Things you could not live without.  I don't know about you, but I find that my lists tend to be exclusive, rather than inclusive.  What I mean is, It's easy for me to become somewhat cloistered musically, staying within a certain comfort zone. I listen to many different styles of music, but within those styles often find myself not exploring things new to me, even in areas in which I am comfortable. Watching the Grammy Awards broadcast does two things for me. It inspires me to delve further into music and musicians I may or may not know, while also helping me avoid those which are a waste of my time. With that in mind, I offer you the iTunes Essential's collection of 30 classical music albums. According to the music seller, they "handpicked history's greatest hits" and the list is filled with "A-list artists and legendary performances."   I'd be interested in knowing how many you have, which ones you might add to your collection, and which ones you won't. Read more: iTunes lists top 30 classical albums (The Telegraph) Watch Anna Netrebko, Rolando Villazon, and the Vienna Philharmonic in a 2006 production of La Traviata here

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