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What's better than one Brandenburg Concerto? Six!

The Margrave of Brandenburg never heard the six Brandenburg Concertos sent to him by J.S. Bach.  Many surmise it was because he didn't have musicians up to the task.  What a waste to have these marvelous works of art gathering dust on a library shelf! A friend of mine wrote recently about a trip he made some years ago to Germany and Austria.  Hearing the music of the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra performing in Spiegelsaal, Schloss Köthen jogged some wonderful memories for him and prompted him to send me a video I must share with you. The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra performed all six of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos in this marvelous space.  Seeing this music performed in this setting is a reminder of why all of us seek the beauty and inspiration of classical music. Read more: Johann Sebastian Bach's "Brandenburg" Concertos (NPR)