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Cleopatra Rocks

Not really. But she dances! My buddy Tim Veach, director of the Columbus Dance Theatre, has a new program in store for Columbus. Cleopatra. Only it's not Shakespeare or Elizabeth Taylor. This story of "the serpent of the Nile" is told through dance, music and words. And its live in the Lincoln Theater, this weekend. Find out more through Columbus Dance Theatre's website. Charles Wetherbee and Carpe Diem provide the music. Christina Kirk is Cleopatra, surrounded by young dancers in a handy downtown venue. Tim Veach threatens to give me dance lessons, but even so I'm looking forward to Cleopatra and so should you. This isn't Egypt's Queen, but its a glimpse of Columbus Dance Theatre and Ten Cents a Dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omBhyhfpO84 Enjoy. Subscribe. Bring your own asp.