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Looking Back to Warmer Days With Philip Glass

About six months ago, I wrote about Philip Glass and a new piece of music he composed to be performed on the Summer Solstice in Times Square in New York City. For his 75th birthday, NPR had commissioned him to write a new choral work to be sung on June 21, 2012. The short choral piece Glass wrote was called The New Rule, with a text by the Sufi poet Rumi. It was adapted from the 1997 chamber opera, Monsters of Grace.  The scheduled event for its first performance included other music as well, including movements from Bach's Mass in B minor.  Now that we are in the midst of a real winter just after the Winter Solstice, I thought it would be fun to revisit warmer days to see how that earlier planned event turned out.  Indeed, it did take place and apparently was a great success.  A writer from the Julliard Journal was on hand and described the event in detail. If, in our current cold wintry weather, you want to remember what summer was like, here's what you might have seen and heard on that 89 degree summer day in Times Square: http://youtu.be/x7dYBWyL71Y