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Classical 101

What are your "Desert Island" recordings?

Most "Desert Island" recording lists seem to rotate the same 20 or so artists and composers, which means I don't bother to look at them.  However, a new list by The London Telegraph is quite interesting by what it doesn't do—it doesn't limit the musical genre. This list of the top 20 recordings, performers, and songwriters is perfectly suited to today's listener because isn't limited to a particular style or classification.  If you look at someone's i-Pod/Phone/Pad, you're likely to find Beethoven, Bon Jovi, Wagner, and Will-i-am. Blending these different styles on a radio station is a nearly impossible task, but one's personal mix is limited only by taste and budget.  The Telegraph has issued a Top 20 Desert Island list.  Amazingly, nearly half of the selections can be heard on Classical 101. Read Desert Island Discs:  Your Top 20 Artists (TheTelegraph)