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Columbus Guitar Society Presents Martha Masters

The Columbus Guitar Society's second concert of the season is being presented Saturday, November 10 at 8pm.  Guitarist Martha Masters will perform at the Huntington Recital Hall on the Capital University campus in Bexley. Masters has received high praise for her playing, described as "refined and elegant" and "intelligent and natural."  She has won prizes at important international competitions and is a protege of guitarist Manuel Barrueco, whose fine recordings we hear regularly on Classical 101. In addition to several CD releases and a concert video, Masters has also written an advanced guitar method book that has met with great acclaim.  She's been playing the guitar since she was 6-years-old, so one can imagine the countless hours of practice and the dedication to her instrument and its repertoire.  And that experience has now turned into knowledge she is sharing with others seeking to improve their mastery of the classical guitar, which Andres Segovia once called an "orchestra in a box" for its ability to produce such a marvelous array of tone colors and expressive sounds in the hands of an accomplished player. She will be at Capital University for her solo guitar recital this evening, but meanwhile here is the accomplished Martha Masters performing on video: http://youtu.be/goLHwfXilro