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Summer With Schubert Wraps Up With Missing 7th Symphony

If you listen to Symphony @ 7 on a regular basis, you probably thought our "Summer with Schubert" series on Thursday evenings was over by now.  We had the Great C Major Symphony (No.9) two weeks ago, and then a completion of an unfinished Tenth Symphony last week.  But hold on, this evening we really bring the series to a conclusion with the rare "missing"  Symphony No. 7 in E Major. Thanks to an astute listener for filling me in on what I was missing, we now have in our music library the Brian Newbould completion of what was only a thinly sketched out score.  In August of 1821 (the year before the more famous Unfinished Symphony), Schubert began writing a new four movement symphony but (unfortunately) set it aside to work on an opera that no one remembers, Alfonso und Estrella.  Too bad, because this symphony is a delight to hear.  It was new to me, but I am glad to say we can now present it to you. While this completion with full orchestration is an "educated guess" by the  music scholar and Schubert authority Brian Newbould, he has done us a great service in making this version available to us.  And again, as in the completion of the Tenth Symphony we heard last Thursday evening, there is a marvelous slow movement (Andante) in this longer four movement realization. I hope you can join us for this tantalizing look at what Franz Schubert might have done had he not gotten sidetracked by working on an opera.  Here's a sample: http://youtu.be/PqsKZxorgjk