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By Request: Handel and Dan Locklair

You know you're the type to look in people's medicine cabinets. We all do it. I have another quirk. I look all through people's books, records, and CDs. I don't care how they brush their teeth. I'm fascinated by what people read and what people hear. Toothpaste is toothpaste. You can tell more about a person by how s/he feeds their souls. That's what I love about * BY REQUEST*. I learn more and more about people I can't see, but who listen. Take Dan Locklair. A listener wants to hear his Symphony of Seasons, written in 2002. Locklair is composer-in-residence at Wake Forest University. I have long loved his church music. A buddy of mine premiered one of his pieces years ago. I didn't know the Symphony, but it is very much worth knowing better. The request specifies the Summer movement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPIphctKlL8 (Recognize the main theme? Sumer is icumen in-from the 13th century) One lady wrote in asking for two pieces to honor her mother, a retired music teacher. The honoree would like to hear a Handel Concerto and the Rascal Tango. The latter stumped me. I did some investigating and five bucks says this is the tango in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlFFeIv4IFM (This piece is a delight, whoever asks for it) Keep requesting! I want to know more. I haven't thought of Locklair in a few years (sad) and my tango is rusty (sadder).  People's taste in music comes from their hearts, no matter how they brush their teeth.