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Atlanta Symphony in Turmoil-Musicians Locked Out...No Healthcare

My first reaction upon reading this story was to stare in disbelief.  Not so much at the lockout of musicians by the Atlanta Symphony, but that there are nearly as many administrative staff as there are musicians.

The 88 current musicians of the Atlanta Symphony recently offered $4 million in cuts, stipulating that they be combined with parallel income cuts for those on the approximately 75-member ASO administrative staff who are paid at least the minimum salary of ASO musicians.

That offer has been met with a resounding 'NO' by the Atlanta Symphony Management negotiating team and the ASO Board, which has chosen, instead, to lock out musicians, cancel their health care, and cancel their August 31 paychecks.  Here is a link to a series of stories detailing what lead up to this situation. Read Atlanta Locks Out Its Musicians (Arts Journal)

Indianapolis Symphony Has Its Fair Share of Trouble

The Atlanta Symphony isn't the only orchestra with major money headaches.  Indianapolis is going through it's own financial turmoil...

It was just over a year ago that the Indianapolis Symphony hired 28-year-old conductor/Music Director Krzysztof Urbanski and spoke of a bright future.

Unlike Atlanta, there hasn't been a lockout in Indianapolis, but its concerts are beginning to drop off the schedule.  Soon, some of Indy's top musicians may be leaving as well. Read Tough Times for Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (Seattlepi.com) Read September Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Concerts Could Be Canceled (IndyStar.com)

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