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Classical 101

Live Music in the Museum...Art, or Distraction?

Joseph Horowitz, who co-founded The Post-Classical Ensemble, published an open letter to the director of the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C. after a recent weekend visit. While there, Horowitz heard a cellist playing Bach suites in the atrium, which he felt was intruding on his experience of looking at the art. In my opinion...

segregating visual art from the musical arts does neither any favors. Â Properly chosen, one should be able to enhance the other. Â Can they co-exist?

Washington Post writer and classical music critic Anne Midgette thinks it's not only difficult to justify separating the varying styles of art, it might be unhealthy for both. Read Music and Art - Question of Intrusion (Washington Post)

Musical Summer Camp

Many of us remember heading off to summer camp as kids.  For me, it was a  week or two of horseback riding, archery, swimming, fishing, and generally "blowing off steam."

What do you do if you're a young musician? Â Abandoning practicing over a summer dooms you to playing catch up come fall.

While others head to the beaches and amusement parks, many are heading to Interlochen Summer Arts Camp to immerse themselves in music. Read Summer Camp (New Music Box)