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Classical 101

"Historically Informed" Performances, or New Interpretations?

Historically informed and period instrument performances exist along side 20th-21st century interpretations on modern instruments.  Is one better than the other, or just different? Simone Dinnerstein may rankle some "purists," but she doesn't take time to worry about that.

"I'm not really interested in how Bach played it," Dinnerstein says on a sunny morning in her Brooklyn living room. "I'm playing Bach in 2012. It's an entirely different world than the world that he lived in. It would be impossible for me to imagine how he would play it."

Read Simone Dinnerstein — Classical Music's 'Wandering Bard' (LA Times)

Hallé Orchestra Announces New Assistant Conductor

Jamie Phillips, 20, came within a tie-breaking vote of winning  the 2012 Nestlé and Salzburg Festival Young Conductors Award.   However, after Salzburg boss Alexander Pereira "came bouncing up to Jamie and awarded him a concert with Camerata Salzburg at the 2013 summer festival," Phillips (and now the Hallé Orchestra) seems to be the big winner. Read Britain's Fastest Rising Young Conductor Lands his First Orchestra Job (Arts Journal)