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Computer-Generated Music That Rivals Beethoven?

Making it big as a composer of "art music" is something of a dog-eat-dog proposition. Now, thanks to researchers in the area of musical metacreation, human composers might in the future have to compete with bytes as well as bites. Arne Eigenfeldt, Adam Burnett and Philippe Pasquier, researchers at Vancouver's Simon Fraser University, say some listeners prefer "art music" generated by computers to that written by human composers, according to Pacific Standard. The trio recently presented a paper at the International Conference on Computational Creativity 2012 that claims that audience members at a December 2011 concert of music generated by computer and music written by human composers could not distinguish between the computer-generated and human-created works, and showed no preference for one or the other. Hear examples of some of the compositions performed for the December concert, and read more: Write a String Quartet? There's a Program for That (PS)