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Classical 101

A Darwinian Take on Composition

The theory goes that, if you give typewriters to enough monkeys, they will eventually write Hamlet.  While the mathematical probability may be there, I'll put my money on one Shakespeare over a million monkeys any day. Professor Armand Leroi from Imperial College London theorized that a "Darwinian computer" could, eventually, evolve a musical composition into something listenable.  "We believe music evolves by a fundamentally Darwinian process - so we wanted to test that idea."

 "In the beginning, [the loops were] pretty horrible," says one of Professor Leroi's colleagues, Dr Bob MacCallum. "But occasionally, one was slightly less horrible. Then as evolution proceeds the music does get better."

Dr. MacCallum's day job?  He does mosquito research at the college. 3,000+ generations later, I don't see composers running off to trade school to study electronics.  My money is on Mozart. Read Music evolution: Is This the End of the Composer? (BBC)

Debra Voigt Undergoes Emergency Surgery

A hip injury has put Debra Voigt's Australian debut on hold. The American soprano was in recital at the Utzon Room and in concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra next week, but a hip operation has forced her to withdraw. Read Debra Voigt Undergoes Emergency Surgery (Limelight Magazine) Watch Debra Voigt in Die Walkure http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wFpoHcXtLJA