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New Project Brings Classical Music to Haiti's Youth

The government of Haiti has encouraged the creation of a music education system like Venezuela's famed El Sistema to help children grow into "true creators" and, over the long haul, to stimulate Haiti's development, according to the Caribbean Journal. Haitian President Michel Martelly encouraged developing a system of musical education in Haiti after hearing a performance by the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra on a trip to Venezuela. Haiti's government, its National Institute of Music and project leaders Raoul Denis and Pascale Denis de Mouquete aim to develop youth orchestras in Haiti, including one for preschool-aged children. A pilot program will run in Do Palais and possibly extend into Haiti's other regions. Similar music education programs already exist in other Caribbean nations. The United Nations has identified Haiti as one of the world's least developed countries in economic and human terms. Read more: Haiti Launches Classical Music Project Modeled on Venezuela's El Sistema (CJ)