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"Listening Machine" Creates Symphony from Twitter Tweets

The Britten Sinfonia, an artist and a scientist have teamed up to create a symphony using data gathered from what people tweet on Twitter, according to the technology Web site Wired UK. Programmer Daniel Jones and composer Peter Gregson have developed The Listening Machine, a program that will gather data from the tweets of 500 Twitter users of various walks of life between May and October 2012, analyze them "in terms of the sound and meaning of words" used in them and generate music based on them. The Britten Sinfonia has recorded "thousands of short instrument fragments" that will become part of what Twitter Symphony creators aim to be a "six-month musical installation" that will run 24 hours a day "until October 2012" and can be heard at thelisteningmachine.org and at thespace.org Read more: The Listening Machine Converts 500 People's Tweets into Music (Wired)