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Beethoven Piano Sonata Marathon in Toronto

Canadian pianist Stewart Goodyear, who was in Columbus last month playing Mozart with the CSO, plans to perform all thirty two of Beethoven's piano sonatas in one  marathon concert in Toronto on June 9th.  Recently he performed them over the course of five days in a successful series of concerts in Ottawa, and now he's ready for a bigger challenge. The 34 year old pianist, who has loved Beethoven since he was 3, is taking this seriously.  He says he's been "training like an athlete" to be in good physical shape for the event, which is scheduled to begin at 10am and end around 11:30pm, including lunch and dinner breaks. He's playing the sonatas in the order they were written, potentially giving listeners a unique insight into Beethoven's musical development between the ages of 22 to 51.  The sonatas range in length from under ten minutes for the shortest ones to truly symphonic proportions; the aptly titled "Hammerklavier Sonata" is about as long as the "Eroica Symphony." I hope the pianist (and the audience) will be up for this Herculean challenge worthy of a musical Olympics. http://youtu.be/OyLWb-qUwZ4