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Composer Augusta Read Thomas Appears with New Albany Symphony Sun.

Augusta Read Thomas will be in New Albany this weekend for a number of events, culminating in the performance of her recent composition Jubilee by the New Albany Symphony Orchestra.  It was commissioned by the Juilliard School and received its World premiere by the Juilliard Orchestra at Alice Tully Hall in New York on April 30, 2010.

Just prior to the performance of her piece, Ms. Thomas and Boyce Lancaster will have a brief discussion about Jubilee, as well as some of her recent experiences.

Leading up to the 7pm concert this Sunday is a Gala and silent auction at 5:30pm.  Both the Gala and performance are at the McCoy Arts Center in New Albany. You can find more about the concert here

Osvaldo Golijov Taking Yet More Heat

In recent weeks, accusations of plagiarism dogged Osvaldo Golijov, followed by stories about the composer repeatedly missing deadlines. A number of composers have offered to help Golijov by contributing a few measures each to the cause. Read Golijov's Cakewalk here

In Honor of Friday the 13th...13 Odd Composer "Passings"

Friday the 13th carries significance for some, none for others, and a strange fascination for the rest of us.  However, triskaidekaphobia is a real problem for some people.  For the rest of us, it's a chance to look at the 13 strangest composer deaths.  Some you'll recognize, but some you may not. Read The 13 Strangest Composer Deaths in Classical Music (Limelight Magazine)