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Pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin's "Ring-Tone Waltz"

Above: World-renowned pianist and composer Marc-Andre Hamelin performs his own Ring-Tone Waltz, inspired by ... well, you'll know when you hear it. Yes, that kind of ring tone. Canadian concert pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin was on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams last week talking about cell phone ring-tones interrupting classical music concerts. Hamelin was remarkably stoic about cell phone interruptions, calling cell phones "a fact of life" and allowing that at any given concert someone will simply forget to turn off his or her phone.  In other words, c'est la vie, n'est-ce pas? Hamelin said the famous Nokia ring-tone "got under his skin" about ten years ago and he had to do something about it. Thus, the Ring-Tone Waltz was born.