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Classical 101

Why Jeremy Denk Hates Bach's Goldberg Variations

That headline got your attention, didn't it?  Actually, it's more of a love/hate relationship.  In Jeremy's words...

 Let's not delude ourselves. No amount of artistry and inspiration (sorry Glenn, not even you) can make you forget that you are hearing 80 minutes of G major; it's like trying not to notice Mount Everest.

There's much more to it than that, but it's better to let him explain, as only Jeremy Denk can. Read Why I Hate the Goldberg Variations (NPR Music)

The Sinking of the USS Minnesota

Bill Eddins, conductor of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, fears that, like the early 20th century battleship of the same name,  the Minnesota Orchestra is about to sail into a minefield of difficulties which may take it down. Contract negotiations and getting kicked out of Orchestra Hall threaten to capsize this stellar ensemble. Read The Sinking of the Minnesota (Inside the Arts)

Making a Federal Case Out of the Arts

Performing Arts are a Fundamental Part of Our American Heritage.

Thomas Jefferson had an extensive music collection, stating in 1785 that music is "an enjoyment, the deprivation of which . . . cannot be calculated."

Corelli was his favorite composer, he held Haydn in high regard, and had an extensive music library made up in large part of violin, chamber and keyboard music. In the article A Federal Case for the Arts, Mark N. Grant writes, "George Washington loved the theater and thought it the duty of the American president to be supportive of art and music even in cases where he himself didn’t understand it." History seems to matter little inside the beltway when it comes to such things.  Mr. Grant takes a look at the history of music and the arts in America...and makes a great case for giving our elected officials a refresher course in history. Read A Federal Case for the Arts (New Music Box)