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Cincinnati Ballet Performs "The Rite of Spring" This Weekend

Above: The Cincinnati Ballet performs an excerpt from Adam Hougland's The Rite of Spring and Hougland talks about Stravinsky's music for the ballet. It's the ballet that once brought grown men to fisticuffs. Its music, it has been said, "baffles verbal description." The Rite of Spring is quite possibly the twentieth century's most notorious ballet, its primally brutal music and choreography causing a riot at the ballet's premiere in 1913. Despite this rough beginning, the ballet - especially its music - has weathered well: its dazzling score, composed by Igor Stravinsky, is a mainstay on orchestra concerts the world over. Stravinsky's music will be joined with fresh choreography this Friday and Saturday, March 16 and 17, when the Cincinnati Ballet performs Texas choreographer Adam Hougland's Rite of Spring at Cincinnati's Aronoff Center, according to a report at Cincinnati.com. Cincinnati Ballet artistic director and CEO Victoria Morgan has called Hougland's production "brutal," "unforgiving" and "incredibly personal." Read more: The Rite of Spring (Cincinnati.com)