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Los Angeles Car Horn Symphony Blasts La-La Land

The most recent installment in American performance artist Zefrey Throwell's Entropy Symphony, a work whose first two movements played out on the streets of New York, unfolded last week in Los Angeles, according to a post on the arts-centric Web site Hyperallergic.com. Throwell sent 1,000 Los Angeles volunteers an MP3 file with instructions to begin honking their car horns in traffic to the music in the audio file at a designated date and time. From 6:00 to 6:05 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 15, the volunteers honked in time to their MP3 files in various parts of Los Angeles, bewildering passersby and, in at least one instance, annoying local police. As outside the box as Throwell's idea of a symphony made of the sounds of daily life may seem, it's fully in keeping with how earlier composers of the symphony understood the genre: as a type of  musical work that could contain and convey the full spectrum of sound and human emotion. The earlier movements of Throwell's Entropy Symphony took place in New York City. According to a report on the Web site of Southern California Public Radio's KPCC, Throwell is planning the fourth movement of his Entropy Symphony to take place across the entire country of Finland. Watch video of the Los Angeles "movement" of Throwell's Entropy Symphony. Read more:

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