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Cleveland Orch Expands Its Outreach to Miami...Florida

Some Patrons Wonder Why More Education Outreach Isn't Done at Home

It's the time of year when thoughts begin to turn to Spring...especially if you live along Lake Erie, where winters can be brutal.  Apparently, the Cleveland Orchestra finds Miami, Florida a tempting place.  So much so that they want to expand their educational outreach in South Beach from three weeks to four.  Their logo there calls them the Cleveland Orchestra Miami.  This has some in Cleveland raising questions. Read Cleveland Orchestra's Extension of Miami Connections is Nothing for Local-Based Fans to Fear (Cleveland.com)

Deutsche Oper Forced to Reschedule Hitler's Favorite Opera

Adolf Hitler said he was inspired by Richard Wagner's music, particularly his opera Rienzi.  So much so that he is said to have requested a manuscript of the production for his 50th birthday and to have had it at his side in his Berlin bunker in 1945. Deutsche Oper's current director, Christoph Seuferle, planned a re-launch of Rienzi, but was forced to reschedule the production after it was discovered he had programmed the premiere for April 20th– Hitler's birthday. Read Opera to Mark Hitler's Birthday Met with Chorus of Disapproval (The Independent)