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Classical 101

So You Want to be a Composer? Rapido!

14 Day Contest Coming in Spring

How many times have you listened to a piece of music and said to yourself, "I could have written that!"  Now's your chance to prove it with Rapido, a 14 day composition contest which offers everyone the opportunity to take their shot.  You'll find the rules here. Read Rapido Goes National in 2012 (Rapido!) Watch a recent winning composition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEp22Qy0iJE

Teaching Music Through Technology

Let's face it...cell phones have become the umbilical cord by which an ever-increasing number of us are attached to the universe.  Instead of fighting it, why not use it to our advantage?  WYEP-FM in Pittsburgh developed a new project aiming "to give kids the experience of making music intuitively, without the need for formal training." The ZooBeats kiosk uses a simple touch screen interface to let kids create their own compositions, made up of either pre-loaded musical samples or sounds they record themselves. Read Making Music Easy (essentialpublicradio.org)

Cellphone Halts Mahler’s Ninth Symphony Mid-Movement

Teaching music through technology is one thing...when that technology causes a concert to grind to a halt, it is quite another. I'm all for being connected.  The things I can do both personally and professionally without being tied to one spot is marvelous, but come on folks... it's not that hard to put your phone on vibrate. Read !@#&^%$!!!!!!-Cellphone Halts Mahler’s 9th Mid-Movement (artsjournal.com)