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Classical 101

Mozart May Make You Smarter, but Bach's No Slouch

New Research From France Finds Students Learned More When a Videotaped Lecture was Underscored with Classical Music.

It's one thing to spend days in the lecture hall while the professor tries to impart a bit of knowledge.  It's another thing entirely to remember any of it come exam time.  A study out of France says if Mozart doesn't work, maybe you should try some Bach in the background. Read For Better Grades, Try Bach in the Background (Miller-McCune.com) Watch Hillary Hahn play and talk about Bach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBNTDlI1-nQ&

Piano Lessons for the Rest of Us

Most of us had piano lessons at some point in our childhood.  Most of us also regret not sticking with it.  After all, who wouldn't like to sit down and dash off a few bars of (insert composer name here) at a party? Composer/pianist Bradley Sowash, in conjunction with Jazz Arts Group,  has set out to help you in his class called Popular Piano for Recovering Childhood Pianists.  Your mom would be so proud! Read more here (jazzartsgroup.org)

Which Violin Would YOU Choose?

Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri are the first two violin makers which come to mind when that question is asked.  However, don't forget Joseph Curtin.  Who?  Joseph Curtin is a violin maker who conducted a double-blind comparison of violins by the acknowledged masters of violin making and those made today.  Held at the Eighth International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, the results were surprising. Read Violinists Can't Tell the Difference (Discover Magazine) See the results (National Academy of Sciences)