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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Balances Financial Scales

Not All News is Bad in Classical Music

In a climate where every story about an orchestra or ensemble speaks of dwindling audiences and income, there is good news just a couple of hours south of Columbus.  The Cincinnati Symphony reports an increase of more than 1,000 new donors and an upsurge in ticket sales.  This translates into a balanced budget for the third straight year. Read Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Balances Financial Scales (Cincinnati.com)

How Beethoven Coped with Deafness

Researchers have charted the relationship between Beethoven’s deafness and changes in his compositions.  A fascinating study looks at the stages of Beethoven's encroaching deafness and how it was reflected in his music. Read Beethoven's Deafness and his Three Styles (British Medical Journal)

When it Comes to Opera, Who's on Top?

This is the time of year when "best of" lists abound.  I found an intriguing one in Limelight Magazine recently which attempts to rate the top twelve opera singers of today.  Some familiar names are on that list...Renee Fleming, Cecilia Bartoli, and Juan Diego Florez, all names you recognize.  If you are NOT an opera buff, but do enjoy hearing great singing, there may be some names you don't know, such as Jonas Kaufmann, whose recordings I now am compelled to explore further.  Who are your favorite opera singers today?  One caveat...they must still be performing. Read Today's 12 Greatest Opera Singers (Limelightmagazine.com.au)