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The Choral Symphony for Beethoven's Birthday on Symphony at 7

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on this date in 1770 and by the time he died in 1827, he left us one of the greatest legacies in all of music.  From the early works inspired by Mozart and Haydn but already showing creative individuality as well, to the final masterpieces that pushed music into a new era, Beethoven was the towering musical figure of his time. I invite you to join me on Symphony at 7 for one of his grandest creations, Symphony No. 9 in d, The Choral Symphony from 1824.  Longer than any previous symphony and with an unprecedented choral finale,  the Ninth takes us beyond music alone to include the words of the German poet Schiller in the "Ode to Joy," expressing a vision of the universal brotherhood of mankind.  It's a lofty goal Beethoven set for himself in this work, and the result is one of his best-loved masterpieces.  You can hear it in its entirety on Symphony at 7. http://youtu.be/Iq-3B6xfNpY